The Serlachius Residency & the city of Mänttä-Vilppula: ART CASTLE – a multi-art cultural event for schoolchildren

Art Castle is a cultural event for children and young people combining different art forms, organised by the Serlachius Residency. The pilot event, run in cooperation with Mänttä-Vilppula schoolchildren, will take place this spring with the theme “Rhythm of the Forest”.

Schoolchildren and amateur artists will be planning and carrying out art exhibitions and other multi-art activities based on the theme, along with teachers and local cultural professionals. The children will also participate in the planning, communication and building of the exhibition with experienced professionals.

The Art Castle theme for the spring of 2022 is ‘Rhythm of the Forest’. The forest is an important resource and a special source of inspiration for Finnish artists. What does the rhythm of the forest look like or sound like? Can you dance to the rhythm of the forest? These questions will be explored through visual arts, drama, literary arts, music and dance.

The Serlachius Residency Gallery will be filled with the rhythms of the forest for a week, including a special events day which will also showcase local amateur talents in music and dance.

In 2024, Art Castle will be expanded into an international festival covering the whole of the Tampere Region. International artists and curators invited to the Serlachius Residency will be carrying out exhibitions and events with schools and cultural professionals all across the region. The main event will be a weekend festival to be held in Mänttä, with events spread across various locations around the art town.

The project supports the education of children in arts, culture, diversity and multiculturality. It also provides schoolchildren with the opportunity to participate in an international project and to develop their own various means of self-expression – and to practice the art of taking responsibility for themselves. 

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