Taito Pirkanmaa: HANDS-ON NATURE – Piloting children’s arts and crafts summer camps in the Tampere Region

The summer camps combining arts and crafts and the outdoors are based on the values of responsibility, inclusion, sense of community, accessibility and equality.

The planning and piloting of the summer camps is the first step in the collaboration of Operation Pirkanmaa and the Taito Pirkanmaa arts and crafts organisation to develop responsible and effective arts and crafts activities in several municipalities in the Tampere Region.

The summer camp concepts are built around themes related to the environment and nature and they can be varied when needed. The concepts will be finalised in 2022 and, after the pilot phase, Taito Pirkanmaa will continue to create responsible and effective service products available across the Tampere region.

Local operators will be engaged in development and piloting of the summer camps, with the aim of creating a sense of community and involvement which will evolve through time. As a non-profit organization, Taito Pirkanmaa provides an excellent link to other operators related to the themes, such as 4H clubs or local forestry management associations, for example.

The summer camp concepts will be designed from the perspective of adventuring, inventing, camping, time travel, building and playing, among others, as well understanding the importance of arts and crafts in terms of art, design, technology, the quality of everyday life and know-how.

Pilot camps are planned to be held in 2022 in Akaa, Kangasala, Orivesi, Pirkkala and Vesilahti.

More information and details for signing up for the camps will made be available later in the spring on the Taito Pirkanmaa website at www.taitopirkanmaa.fi (in Finnish).