Sorin Sirkus: CIRCUS HOPPING – Bringing the Benefits of Circus Art to Tampere Region’s Municipalities

Project Circus Hopping brings circus art and its benefits to municipalities in the region.

Sorin Sirkus, a youth circus founded in 1985 in Tampere, creates impressive performances and advances the pedagogy of circus art – nationally as well as internationally. The circus is also active in the field of social art.

In addition to activities that spread out to public spaces, Sorin Sirkus has organised regular social circus groups. Participants have included prisoners, chronically ill children, and young people at risk of marginalisation, as well as immigrants.

The activities were carried out mainly in Tampere, but during the European Capital of Culture bid, Sorin Sirkus made a proposal for Circus Hopping – a model where diverse circus activities and their benefits would be brought to new corners of the Tampere Region.

With the support of Operation Pirkanmaa, this project takes circus teachers and artists to some of Tampere Region’s municipalities to perform or to organise regular circus activities. These can include circus workshops, performances, multidisciplinary arts or activities customised for different target groups.

Partners in the municipalities can be social and healthcare operators, organisations, associations or different operators across arts and culture.

Sorin Sirkus will customise plans according to the wishes of each municipality.

More about Circus Hopping (in Finnish only):