Community art school Hehkumahku: CHILDREN’S GRAND CARNIVAL TOUR – Carnival spirits, arts and culture for children

The Children's Grand Carnival Tour will be visiting municipalities and suburbs in the Tampere Region with activities for the whole family.

The community art school Hehkumahku’s Children’s Grand Carnival events include workshops combining different art forms, community art processes, shows prepared by the children themselves, as well as performances by professional artists and musicians.

The Children’s Grand Carnival Tour creates a true carnival experience, providing high-quality arts and culture for children and activities for families. The Grand Carnivals are free and open to all. The first Carnivals will take place in August and September 2022.

The Children’s Grand Carnival Tour culminates in a major weekend of events in Tampere in the summer of 2024, welcoming the entire region to enjoy an unforgettable array of events and experiences for children and young people!

The community arts school Hehkumahku offers a diverse range of arts and culture activities, as well as events for children, all with the aim of strengthening children’s inclusion and agency through the creative arts. The aim of professional arts education, encompassing a range of art forms, is to support children in developing creative and bold self-expression. Emphasis is also put on strengthening and increasing interaction and play between families using communal creative arts activities.

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