Folk Extreme: KALEVALA X – The High Suspense Commando Comics

Folk Extreme's Kalevala X is a cinematic, multi-disciplinary art series from a new age, which finds its inspiration in Kaleva, the Finnish national epic.

The 30-episode Kalevala X is a revolutionary, mad, grand idea, a kind of ‘high-suspense folklore’ created by director Tommi Kainulainen and composer Anne-Mari Kivimäki. It utilises silent film, music video, folk music and dance, machine beats and street dance to tell an epic tale about a people who forgot their origin story. This collection of artworks opens up the subconscious and provides a symbolic reading of modern times, all in a carnival-like spirit.

The episodes will be filmed between 2021 and 2026 and the whole series is due to be completed in 2026. Operation Pirkanmaa is supporting part of the production of the film series from 2022 to 2023.

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