Ania Village Community: ANIA BIRD SANCTUARY – Site-specific Art Park and Nature Experience

In the yard and nearby forest of an old primary school owned by the municipality of Pirkkala is a spatial work of art and excursion destination open to all: Ania Bird Sanctuary, whose grand opening was held in the summer of 2021


The bird sanctuary’s culture and art sights consist of nest boxes built and painted by individual citizens as well as associations, communities and company representatives, placed in the school’s vicinity to support different bird species to nest there. 

Operation Pirkanmaa supports the Ania village community’s goal to deepen the connection of visitors to nature and to increase the diversity of the area. In 2023, local activists will organise communal insect hotel and nest box workshops and invite experts to hold lectures about them. Additionally, the project will procure box cameras for the area to organise Ania bird watching live stream. 

Ania Bird Sanctuary is located in Pirkkala, village of Ania, in the old village school’s yard and the nearby forest. The area is linked to the Pirkan polut outdoor routes and the Tampere-Pirkkala cycling map.

The park’s address is Anian rantatie 886, Pirkkala.